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About Us

Emis, meaning “us” in Greek, represents just that. Our family has a long history of hospitality and food experience, working in the restaurant industry for 30+ years. Born and raised in Greek culture, we have been brought up with traditional homemade recipes and understand what makes Greek cuisine so special. We pride ourselves on serving the same quality, authentic cuisine we know and love and hope to share our cultural appreciation through our food and beverage. We take the time to research and source only the finest, fresh ingredients and are proud to provide an experience where customers can feel great when dining with us. We import most of our raw ingredients directly from Greece to ensure authenticity is met. We only cook with extra virgin olive oil in our kitchens and aim to avoid products with preservatives. We use superfoods and powerful herbs in our recipes such as avocados, spinach, turmeric, oregano and more and are constantly implementing them into our offerings. We have studied the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet and aim to share the wonderful knowledge with our Kennett Square community. Every menu decision reflects our values. We aim to not only teach you about our menu but hope to grow an appreciation and understanding of our rich culture. Greece beautifully embodies the art of slow living through our cafes, where people gather and enjoy conversation, banter & laughter over quality food and drink, together with friends, family, and community. Our family aims to recreate this authentic experience here. A friendly, welcoming environment for human interaction to be enjoyed over authentic food & beverage of exceptional quality.

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